In recent years, as the “wealth safe” of global high-net-worth individuals and the economic center of the world, the United Kingdom has attracted thousands of immigrants from all over the world with its unique charm.

The application conditions for UK investment immigration are simple, the minimum investment is 2 million pounds, and the approval cycle is fast. Up to now, the success rate of domestic applicants is 100%. And there are no requirements for applicants for academic qualifications, language, business experience, etc. Therefore, many high-net-worth individuals chose Tier1 i investment visa application hong kong to successfully obtain British status.

With the increase in the number of applicants, the UK Immigration Service raised the investment threshold in November 2014, increasing the investment immigration requirements that have been implemented for 20 years from 1 million pounds to 2 million pounds, and canceling the loan investment plan.

On March 29, 2019, the Immigration Bureau revised the Immigration Regulations again, requesting an exemption from directly explaining the source of funds to the Immigration Bureau from 90 days to 2 years, and investment cannot be purchased for national debt.

Here is an introduction to everyone. What are the application conditions for each stage of applying for the UK investment immigration program in 2021?

First Visa Application Requirements

◆The main applicant is at least 18 years old
◆The main applicant or spouse has 2 million pounds of funds
◆Non-criminal certificate
◆No tuberculosis

Renewal Conditions

◆Complete the investment of 2 million pounds within 3 months after landing in the UK and maintain the investment for 5 years
◆Investment Types of investment designated by the British Immigration Service: corporate bonds, stocks, and industries.
◆Non-criminal certificate

Application For Permanent Residency Conditions

◆Continuous investment of 2 million pounds for 5 years (or continuous investment of 5 million pounds for 3 years to permanent residence or continuous investment of 10 million pounds for 2 years to permanent residence)
◆Pass the Lifein the UK test and reach a business english course hong kong English oral and listening level B1 or above (equivalent to IELTS 4 points)
◆From the date of application for permanent residence, in the past 5 years, the cumulative time of leaving the UK in any year does not exceed 180 days
◆Non-criminal certificate

Conditions For Applying For Naturalization

◆Residence requirements
· You can apply for permanent residence for at least 1 year
· From the date of naturalization application, in the past 5 years, the applicant’s cumulative departure time shall not exceed 450 days
· Looking back 12 months from the date of application for naturalization, the applicant’s cumulative time of leaving the UK does not exceed 90 days
◆Pass the language test: life in the UK+B1 (listening and speaking)

Advantages Of UK Investment Visa

-Approval first, investment later, capital safety is guaranteed
-No need for work, business management experience
-No academic qualifications and English requirements
-Identity can work and do business
-The processing cycle is short, and the identity can be obtained in about 3 to 5 months
-You can bring your spouse and children under 18 years old
-Can apply for permanent residence and naturalization
-Enjoy high-quality education, with the world’s top universities, and children with accompanying children can enjoy excellent British education
-Enjoy public medical care