Coming to china to find out chinese language are frequently a daunting enjoy, especially when there are various one-of-a-kind universities and language courses hong kong to come to a decision from. Everyone has distinctive motives for coming to china to discover chinese language, but those who select china over every other town, like shanghai, are commonly searching for a more “true” revel in in the capital – but perhaps we’re biased?

In this newsletter post, we will evaluate the reports of students who are gaining knowledge of chinese at tsinghua college, peking college, and beijing language and tradition college (blcu). Hold your eyes peeled for part 2, that could encompass check out bnu, bfsu, beihang, bisu, and china youngsters university of political research (cyu).

Tsinghua, peking, and blcu are the foremost established and famous universities outdoor of china with the majority of international college students choosing one among the three to find out chinese. So, the rivalry among them must be no surprise, specifically whilst tsinghua and peking are constantly struggling with it bent be #1 in china.

Peking is that the oldest and maximum prestigious university in china, at the same time as its neighbor, tsinghua, is more renowned for its scientific acumen. On the opposite hand, blcu turned into based with interest on coaching chinese language language, so it predictably has one a few of the most important notably rated cantonese course hk.

All three are positioned in wudaokou, the scholar hub of china, and are surrounded via many bars, golf equipment, restaurants, and stores for all budgets and tastes. With a location on the point of historic websites just like the summer time palace and proper shipping links into the town center and therefore the hutongs, college students are geared up to immerse themselves in china’s tradition for that aforementioned “actual” china enjoy.


Lodging are regularly a sore spot for international college students, although it’s bound to be nicer than the dormitories of 4 , six or extra that chinese language undergraduate college students sleep in . Off-campus accommodation is simple to are seeking out albeit luxurious in nearby wudaokou, so maximum college students like higher to live on-campus for its low-cost prices and convenience with canteens and classrooms close by.

Tsinghua College

Tip #1: buy a motorcycle to induce round! Tsinghua university doesn’t desire to do whatever on alittle scale, as college students will first observe once they arrive at the large campus. International college students are either housed in zijing apartments by means of the northeast gate of campus or if you’re fortunate, the newly refurbished asian adolescents middle within the middle. You have the selection of single rooms (with ensuite), ab rooms (shared bathroom, residing area), and double rooms (with roommate and shared bathrooms on each floor). Notwithstanding most tsinghua students having the luxury of 1 room, there are restrained times for respectable showers (7am-2pm, 5pm-nighttime) and visiting times (7am-11pm).

Peking College

Zhongguan xinyuan international village is that the pupil accommodation at peking university wherein students have ab rooms or double rooms, sharing with a chinese language or international pupil. There are laundry rooms on each two flooring and kitchens on each floor, but if you run out of power and water, you have got to recharge your student card at reception. Residing all through a exclusive united states comes with exceptional regulations and customs, as is that the norm amongst chinese language universities, and guests are most effective allowed between positive hours and must signal-in.

Beijing Language And Lifestyle University

Blcu’s accommodation is infamous for their historical dormitories and fuwuyuan who do strict room assessments hebdomadally . All international college students percentage a place with communal showers and lavatories on every ground, which are wiped clean often but no longer in particular properly. No cooking is permitted in dorm rooms for fitness and protection reasons but there is a kitchen area downstairs, a rule you’re possibly to require to stay to except you would love nighttime visitors aka cockroaches. There aren’t any catch 22 situation restrictions but site visitors are most effective allowed in between 4-10pm each day . The standard of the dormitories vary, so it is really worth paying the additional rmb 10 or 20 greater to upgrade from the prison-like dorms (#1 and #9).

Pupil Lifestyles

As we said earlier than, the whole lot you would really like from swiss chocolate to korean restaurants are all easy to seek out in wudaokou because of the complexes of cinemas, stores, bars, and golf equipment. If you don’t personal a motorbike , download the ofo or mobike apps to induce around wudaokou and consequently the remainder of beijing effortlessly. Staying on campus, you will without problems locate the entirety you would really like inside taking walks distance, from supermarkets to pharmacies, plus the canteens on campus provide a tour of chinese language delicacies. As worldwide college students, you will be a part of societies at college however it allows in case you talk a few fundamental chinese – it’s an outstanding way to make chinese language friends and enhance your chinese language, which, admittedly, is that the best thanks to research the language in china!

Why And Why You Ought To Now Not Enroll?

Tsinghua – if you will switch to the iclcc software and find the proper lessons with enthusiastic teachers, you are onto a winner.
Blcu – horrific accommodation, remarkable training, and a easy campus to navigate, entire with a international sense.
Peking – exciting training, right accommodation, smooth to hitch student societies, and a appropriate campus filled with history.